Annual Report 2014 - Occupational health and safety on the international agenda

There has been increasing international interest in SEAHEALTH’s publications and advisory services. SEAHEALTH also assisted in drawing up the new guidance on Maritime Occupational Safety and Health (MOSH) for the International Labour Organisation (ILO), published in extension of MLC 2006, and acted as a consultant to the ILO at the expert committee meeting in Geneva in October 2014.


New collaboration on welfare and the working environment

In 2014, the Boards of the Danish Government’s Seamen’s Service and SEAHEALTH decided that the two services should work together more closely. So the initiative was taken to find a shared address and subsequently a property has been located in Rødovre that the two organisations will be moving to at the end of 2015. The collaboration is intended to help ensure good welfare and health and safety services for seafarers in the future, and by working together, the organisations can make better use of resources for the benefit of seafarers.


Leadership at sea

One theme that received a lot of attention in the past year was leadership at sea. The issue of leadership at sea was the theme at the MSSM Conference held for the ninth time at Hotel Nyborg Strand at the end of August. And leadership is also the pivotal issue in SEAHEALTH’s latest publication that gives leaders on board a tool to become better leaders and to tackle the differences and

the diversity amongst crew on board amongst crew on board, not just culturally but also on other levels. Various shipowners and seafarers kindly trialled the material and provided feedback on the process. It is vital for the work done by SEAHEALTH that we have close relations with the industry in developing new tools so as to make them work in practice in daily routines on board.