Drawings: Long term effects

In continuation of the concept from the near miss drawings, we have choosen to focus on well known long term effects of working at sea. This way we can cover both health and safety. The point of all these new drawings is that if you are exposed to these conditions year after year for a long time it may lead to illness. Consequently you may have sustained a occupational disease, which must be reported.


We have 8 drawings describing the long terms effects of:

  • Poor working positions
  • Loneliness
  • Skin contact with chemicals
  • Hand and arm vibrations
  • Inhalation of dust/particles or fumes
  • Noise
  • Lack of sleep and rest
  • Heavy lifting


>> Click here to download the drawings in a larger version








We hope you will use these drawings to create awarness of these long term effects. Hang them on the wall. Discuss them with collegeaus and in the safety committee.

We want you to use the drawings like you use the near miss drawings to help each other and make each other aware, if you observe something that may be dangerous long term.  

In order to avoid long term effects you need the prevention principles. They consist of:

  • Removing the hazard (e.g. substituting dangerous chemicals)
  • Reducing the hazard by smart design of the workplace (e.g. noise reduction at the source)
  • Applying technical aids (e.g. lifting gear for heavy lifting)
  • Organizing the work (e.g. in case of vibrations or lack of sleep)
  • And if this can't remove the hazard, you must apply PPE