Mooring - do it safely

SEAHEALTH will help seafarers to plan and do a more safe mooring

Complacency and routine appear too often in filed accident reports. Mooring a vessel, or being in a snapback zone at anytime, are amongst the most dangerous moments in a ship’s daily schedule – machinery, worn tense lines, badly constructed mooring plans, when combined with the weather have no respect for someone standing innocently in the wrong place at the wrong time. A creaking line, a snapback lasts a fraction of a fraction of a second, the consequences of being in an unsafe position last forever, or worse, forever has just happened.

Most of the messages in the guidance will be familiar to you, most of it good common sense, but if it can help create a culture of re-evaluating every mooring operation as if it were your first. And the guidance can help strengthen the safety culture aboard.


Mooring - Do It Safe contains:

  • Rules of thumbs on how to do mooring more safely.
  • Methods to effectively register risks.
  • Tools to prevent and eliminate accidents during mooring.
  • Knowledge and experience.
  • Near miss examples, you can use to evaluate your praxis aboard.


The guidance has three posters:

  1. Poster that shows 20 errors
  2. Poster about snap back zones
  3. Poster about risk assessment


The guidance is targeted:

  • Crew members in the safety organization
  • Ship management 


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