These publications can be purchased on our webshop. The first copy will be sent to Danish flag ships who are members at the time these publications are published.

SEAHEALTH publications in alphabetical order (after publication title):



SEAHEALTH has published a number of publications including movies, books, annual reports, sector specific guidances and articles from the magazine SEAHEALTH. All the publications have one thing in common - They focus on how to solve the risks and obstacles you meet when you are working in the maritime sector.


Do you need guidance, tools or instructions about subjects such as health, safety, risk assessments, diet, hygiene, chemicals, communication, management or crises? Then you can find it in SEAHEALTH's archieve.

Starter kit

The starter kit consists of the publications, we recommend new Danish flag ships to order. Some of the recommended publications are, however, mandatory and must be on board. Learn more under each publication. 

The magazine SEAHEALTH

If you are looking for a specific article from the magazine SEAHEALTH/Søsikker you can find it in the publications' menu or right here. From here you have acces to all publications of the magazine SEAHEALTH dated back to year 1997. You can choose between downloading the magazine or just a single article.

SEAHEALTH's latest publications

You can find the latest publications from SEAHEALTH in the publication's menu or by clickcing here. If you can't find the publication you are looking for because it is of older age, then you can find it by using the indexwords in the left menu.

Sector specific guidances

SEAHEALTH has published 6 sector specific guidances which you can find here


If you cannot find the publication you are looking for then try to search for it through the indexwords in the left menu. All publications are divided by topics which means that you can click on the indexword fx. "hygiene" and then you will get a list of all the publications related to hygiene.