Guidance on Shipping and Rest

Almost one in three seamen appears to have difficulty in dealing satisfactorily with the watch system aboard so as to comply with the rules on rest hours.

This came to light last year in a major survey of seamen. The survey drew several conclusions, including the difficulty of getting sufficient sleep.

So Seahealth is publishing guidance to provide inspiration for a fresh look at work planning so as to make it possible to ensure more people get the rest they need.

What are the consequences of lack of rest? And what do the regulations on hours of rest say and how should we comply with them? These are important questions that have a significant impact on health and the safety of the ship. The guidance deals with some of these questions.

Sleep and sufficient rest are absolutely critical for us to be able to function optimally and to attend to our duties safely and efficiently. It is not just a question of the immediate well-being of the crew.

These are crucial for the vessel's safety and efficiency and the quality of the work that is done. Lack of sleep is also damaging to health if you suffer from it over a long period of time. There must be the right balance between work and rest time.

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A short introduction accompanying the guidance Shipping and Rest

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