SEAHEALTH covers just about all aspects of safety and health at sea.

Each area of knowledge leads to advices, instructions and different kinds of reports about working environment at sea.

By clicking at one of the the subjects of knowledge below you can find everything from risk asessment to fallprotection to management communication and crisis management.

We have a broad knowledge in the area of working environment at sea and we do what we can to make the contents of each page relevant to you who are working in the maritime sector.

It is difficult to categorize all our tasks and knowledge sharply because the subject often merge - e.g. the social well-being can effect the generel health and safety - and the safety affects the risk of accidents on borad. This means that the divisions of knowledge subjects are only indicative and each subject may have sub-sections.

Our goal is to provide knowledge that is relevant to you whom are working at sea. If you are not able to find what you are looking for please contact us at or give us a call.

ChemicalsDiet and Nutrition
MLC 2006Good leadership
Safety CultureCrisis Management
HygieneCo-operation and Communication
ErgonomicsAccident Prevention
FatigueSocial well-being
Multicultural CrewPersonal Protection
Risk AssessmentHealth Promotion
LightingPrecautions for Enclosed Spaces
Noise and Vibrations