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Drawings: Long term effects

In continuation of the concept from the near miss drawings, we have choosen to focus on well known long term effects of working at sea. This way we can cover both health and safety. The point of all these new drawings is that if you are exposed to these conditions year after year for a long time it may lead to illness. Consequently you may have sustained a occupational disease, which must be reported.


We have 8 drawings describing the long terms effects of:

Think carefully before lifting

Ergotherapist Jan Rasmussen gave some good advice on the DFDS PEARL SEAWAYS under the heading of “Take care of your back - You need to take it home with you and it should last all your life”


Skibene spørger SEAHEALTH

SEAHEALTH får ofte gode spørgsmål fra skibene om, hvad forklaringen på forskellige krav er. Vi bringer her et par aktuelle eksempler:

Goodbye to heavy lifting

Photo: Danish Maritime Occupational Health Service

Every seaman will be pleased to hear that we could be seeing the end of one particular heavy lifting job aboard, that is manually lowering and retrieving the pilot ladder. On large carriers,

Lars and Camilla cleaning


Ergonomics instructions in how to get a correct workingposition and how to get a reasonable planning of the cleaning work in the accomodation. 

Lars and Camilla show through a series of dayly routines on board a passenger how the body is spared the most possible way to prevent damage.


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